My Boy Cody is on this site.
Check it out and let me know what you think.;)

Go to digital artwork, and then look at the dog under BASENJI.
THAT is my boy Cody!

Sharron, so is the photo that just says "Basenji" your Cody? The detail is quite incredible. He is a handsome little devil!

Very handsome boy.

Aww, what a lil model you have on your hands! Think he could re-teach Sid some poses?!

Fran, yes, the b under the word basenji is my Cody. He is pretty, but Laurie made him look like a STAR! Thanks for the nice words re my boy.

Cody is very photogenic


What a beautiful shot,

You guys, I made a major mistake..this is CODYS cousin..Ltle Man who is owned by a very good friend of mine.
I am so sorry I told you wrong.
Sigh again.

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