• While doing some research on food I found out how bad Kibbles and Bits was so talked mom into letting me change Bears diet (the chow) to Precise (chicken formula). Some mornings I mix in a lil yogurt and at night pumpkin, and sometimes even add pieces of plain chicken. Around this time I also decided to adopt Kismet (the basenji mix) and feed her less but the same diet. About three times now in the past week and half that I've had Kismet she's thrown up a big pile that looks like mushy food. I don't know if it's her getting adjusted to the new diet? I also got them both those real chicken jerky treats that are supposed to be good for their skin, eyes, coat and joints with all the vitamins in them. And she's been trying to chew on everything; stairs, fake plants, shoes… I found her carrying a small frog/toad while I was outside with her last night but it didn't look chewed up on. Any suggestions or advice?

    I'm bringing my cat to the vet later today (she's diabetic and doing really bad so she might not be coming home if the vet doesn't think she'll pull thru) and will be asking him. Actually I might just bring her with to get her out of the house and having to be in the crate and if he has time during our visit maybe he do a check on her.

  • I would first stop the jerky treats and see if that makes a difference. How long has she been on the new diet?

  • You may have changed too much at once. I agree with Pat, remove the treats. Yogurt is fine, but you get 10x the amt of healthy bacteria in products like Fastrack liquid dispersible without the calories or possible reaction to dairy.

    http://www.doberdogs.com/menu.html is a great site to compare dog foods. Precise is listed as premium and mostly preservative free, btw. I had never heard of it.

    Just don't let your vet talk you into buying Hill Science from them. 🙂

    Another thing for pukey dogs… feed 3 or 4 meals that are smaller.

  • We swapped over the first few days but after mixing in the yummyness she seemed fine so gave her all precise. So just over a week now on only precise.

  • She gets half a cup twice a day. And I had actually made last night and this morning their no extras to make sure they don't get too spoiled. And last night she was gagging a lil but didn't throw up. This morning dad said she vomited on the walk and then later in my room she did it again.

    I'll stop the treats tho, she does kinda act funny when I give them to her. Thought it was playful funny, does this spazzy jump at the treat after I throw it like it's a critter she's chased down. Doesn't do that to any of the toys!

  • As your dad if the throw up was yellow. She may be throwing up bile.

  • Naw it's the food, brown or whatever.. mushy, big pile of it. Weird how the food looks like it's more coming up than the food I feed her. And yes she's been going potty and poopie outside (and inside too unfortunately).

    Ok now that I think about it (silly me) she's been getting into the cat food. I thought I've been pretty good at watching her but maybe she's gotten more of it than I thought.

  • Cat food can be the cause or especially if she has been getting in the litter box, even more so then the cat food. Can you tell if the times she is throwing up are around the times she was/is getting into the cat food?

    The reason it looks like more is because it has water and tummy fluid mixed in.

  • No idea. But it looks like poor Jenny (kitty that's not sick) is going to feel like she's being put on a diet since I'll be taking her food away instead of just leaving it out for her LOL.

  • So it turns out she's contracted kennel cough. Last night she was up every few hours coughing and dry heaving. She was fine since Thursday when I took her to the vet and still hasn't thrown up. Just a really sore throat. And she's not coughing today, but we got some meds and I'm keeping her segregated from the other dog in hopes he hasn't caught anything yet. 😞 Luckily she's still eating, drinking and playing. I just see her rubbing her throat on things. My poor baby!

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