Marty is he a basenji? pet finder

saw this on petfinder "marty in indiana" says hes a mix but doesnt he look all basenji? except for the tail of course
maybe bring this to brats attention if they dont already know about him ?

heres another basenji "crash" lake tahoe animal shelter
does a rescue know about this guy?


heres another basenji "crash" lake tahoe animal shelter
does a rescue know about this guy?

Crash is on Craigslist too - the description of Crash climbing fences sure makes it sound like a Basenji

Marty could be a Decker terrier. They look like b's and JR mixes.

Marty looks like a Decker Rat Terrier to me.

has anyone let brat know that crash is in a shelter?

I think he's at least part B. Where in Indiana is he?

Wow, I had only met a couple of Decker in my life, and couldn't recall them being basenji like..
So looked up images … some do, most don't. Most look much more terrier with very different topline. Hard to tell from that pic, and of course the tail bob... who knows. LOL write and ask if he yodels 🙂

hes in partners for animal welfare in greenfield indiana

i looked up decker terriers and he does look like some of them

whats interesting is that one breeders site said that they believed at some point the terriers were bred with basenjis to come up with the decker terrier
so if nothing else he could be put on the brat site as a part basenji

i also emailed a terrier rescue
has anyone let brat know about crash?

can anyone tell i really want another foster now that sebastian is gone? 🙂

This dog is a trindle and Deckers do not come in brindle or trindle.

There is a Rat Terrier breeder in Indiana who was crossing brindle Basenjis with Rat Terriers a couple years ago in an experiment. It appears that she no longer has her Basenjis nor does it appear that she kept anything from those crosses. I would bet money this is one of the dogs she produced, half Rat Terrier and half Basenji.

so this is something brat could look into?

Brat posts but does not take clear mixes. Pretty overwhelming just to take the ones that are/see purebreds.

thats too bad im ready for another foster 🙂

westcoastflea 1, have you been listed with BRAT as a foster home?
We always need good foster homes

No joke. Wish you were EAST coast!

hi there
im with brat as a foster
my foster sebastian went home a few weeks ago and there are no dogs for me i guess, believe me im looking for one 🙂 but it seems that all the dogs in need are not in my area

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