• Our friend in San Diego recently told us that there is a 5 month old New Guinea Singing Dog in desperate need of a foster home and/or permanent placement within the next couple of weeks. She didn't have all the details yet, just that he had been a pampered pet, and the owners were being transferred and could not take him with them. Not even sure where exactly he is at this point.

    New Guinea Singing Dogs are basically a wild dog, there are fewer than 300 of them left, most in zoos. But they can be placed in private homes (rarely). She owns one, and he does get along fine with her Basenjis, but he is definitely different. He 'sings' a lot!!

    I will try to get further details if anyone can help or knows of someone willing to possibly help with this little guy.


  • What a great looking, sturdy dog. Their singing does have some similarities to the basenji yodel. There is a sound clip at the official website http://newguinea-singing-dog-conservation.org/ I hope a good home can be found for this young dog, a home that will make a life commitment to him.

  • They look intriguing! I'm interested, although obviously I can make no promises until I know more (including how he gets along with Yoshi, my resident basenji).

  • Houston

    How cool is that. I hope he finds his forever home soon.

  • Actually, not only am I interested, but I have a friend who might be as well. Keep us updated.

  • There was/is a rescue group for this breed.

    Try to contact Joan Dalgleish at singingdog@telus.net.

  • Terry, I know Joan, she will want to know about this dog.

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