• Hi everyone ! Sorry i have been MIA quite a bit hubby was deployed so it kept me busy 🙂 Anyways i have a questions hopefully some of u can help me with .

    A good friend of ours moved a couple houses down and just got a pitbull puppy witch i have been taken care of during the day .. Well i have 3 dogs .. My whippet mix {Cheyanne} My cattledog/terrier mix { Aspen } and also my Basenji {Phoenix} I have brought the puppy over once so far { the puppy is 9weeks old} Cheyanne is great with him .. she has been around pups in the past .. however Aspen and Phoenix where alittle different.. { they are all fixed also well except not the pitbull pup yet }

    Aspen was growling at him .. and Phoenix was sniffing pretty hard and looking like his eyes where gonna bulge out of his head.. anyways i interduced them 1 at a time and in the garage so it was more nutrual ground and aspen just kept growling so i put him inside .. witch left cheyanne and Phoenix out there with me and the puppy .. I put the pup down after letting phoenix smell his butt for a couple mins and smelling him as i was holding him .. witch was fine his hair didn't stick up once this whole entire time ..

    however when i put him down and he was smelling phoenix's male parts underneath him phoenix grabbed him .. not like a vicious grab but kinda like he was trying to move the pup however picking him up by the head and making him squeak. Like i said he did not have his hair up at all the whole time ..

    Cheyanne is the Alpha mostly both boys won't mess with her .. however phoenix is the little {butthead} we call him cuz he likes to try to be in charge of aspen . So mY question is what are other ways of getting them used to eachother . I want to get them used to eachother now since he is so small and since when he gets older will be alot stronger . Cheyanne is 9yrs and the boys are almost 6 yrs ..

    Also aspen and Phoenix have really never been around puppies and really don't care for other dogs however since he's a puppy i figure they will get used to him . and kinda except him in there pack . It really looked like when phoenix picked him up he was just trying to relocate him however phoenix has a way of picking things up and then voilently shaken them so i didn't want it to get to that point .

    So what would u recommend looking for in the boys and also the puppy to let me know that they are not playing and he might try and hurt the puppy ? Obviously i am right there watching there every move ..

    Below is a pic of the pup to show you his size ..

  • Some b's have a hard time sharing their space.
    Also, sometimes puppies need an adult dogs correction.
    What I would do is put up some babygates, and keep the dogs that get along in one
    area, and keep the other dogs seperated.
    Also, lots of time in the yard running, sniffing each others pee/poo will speed up the bonding.
    Hope this helps.

  • And by holding the pup, the other dogs get the sense that there is something going on… Kind of like people that have baby children and keep showing them to the dogs and then snatching them away..... The garage might not be the best place, a yard would be better...

  • I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the group can tell that this puppy is an intact male and have some disagreements with that.

    I agree with Pat in suggesting the yard would be a better place. Your group might not feel so possessive of some of their favourite parts in the home and then will have a chance to work the 'dog' stuff out while they are outside. Be there to ensure you can intervene if there is a serious problem. Otherwise, I would be tempted to let them work things out.

  • Thanks for the Suggestions 🙂 I'm gonna start bring him {the pup} over daily and hopefully that will work 🙂

  • I'm going to assume you didn't get all your dogs at one time. Do you remember how each reacted when you brought a new one in? Sometimes it takes time for the older dogs to get used to the new dogs. As Sharon said keep them separate, but I would allow them access to the smell and sight of the puppy at the same time. Exposure, sometimes, leads to acceptance.

  • Adult dogs will teach a puppy manners by growing at them, snapping, or even a fast but gentle bite. Puppies may yelp but it is from surprise rather than pain. But, if your adult dogs are grabbing the puppy hard and hurting him they are clearly saying they don't want the pup around them. Time might change their opinion but that isn't guaranteed.

  • None of mine care for young puppies of any breed, they try and avoid them. Once the pup is 8 or 9 months old, mine seem to like the same pup they have been growling and snapping at for 6 months!

    I agree with the yard as a more neutral area. Good luck, he's a cute puppy, hopefully will get neutered then your dogs may like him better.

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