Shelter votes begins again 9/20

  • From Mike Swan:

    The Shelter + Challenge has started again!

    BRAT would greatly appreciate if all of you could go to this site and vote for us every day.

    the past 18-24 months, we have received $8,000 in prize money just from
    your votes. This money goes directly to pay for vet care for basenjis
    in need. This is an easy way to raise money for BRAT--it will take you
    less than 30 seconds a day. Be sure to bookmark the webpage so it is
    easy to find.

    To find BRAT on the page, search for "basenji" in the state of Texas. We will be the only shelter to pop up.

    Thank you for voting in this contest! Let's try to win one of the Grand Prizes this time!

    Mike Swan
    President, BRAT, Inc.<<

    ps. To donate directly to BRAT, go to our Donations webpage:

    You can also find other methods to donate on that page.

  • Please everyone, the voting has begun again. Add this link to your tool bar.

    …To help our Basenji group, choose Garland Texas. After your FIRST vote,
    it is easy because it will always show the group and you just have to
    vote. Please help!

  • And if you are on Twitter, you can send that out to your Twitter friends as well. I try to do that every day or so.

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