• All the adopting parents have been notified now so removing info. 1/17/2011

  • Thanks for the tip. I will sign up.

  • Glad to have you! Debbi Johnson is sending out email for me to the adopters but I think the rescue folks too want to stay in touch. They are such a special group of dogs.

  • Good idea. I clicked on the facebook link to join. We helped at the shelter so know the adults and the 'famous 5' pups that were there. We have 5 that are occasional members of our Sunday group, but would love to see where they all went and hear their stories.

  • Oh wow Anne, you must come tell us about your experiences!

  • Pam's video of the remaining Basenjis

  • Debra, thanks for the link. It's amazing how wonderful these dogs have become, thanks to the volunteers who never gave up on them! My heart is filled with gratefulness for people like Pam. πŸ™‚

  • awww… sweet video.

  • First Basenji's

    Wow, she's done an amazing job with them!!!

    They are better behaved than my Cody! He will only lay down if I offer him something extra special, and only if he's in the mood to do so, otherwise he just looks at me like, "Whatever!"

  • I hope that one in the back that was being so good got his treat. I got teary watching him (or her).

  • Oh wow, I didn't notice the one in the corner! Now I have to write and find out! Make me teary too.

  • And that's my dream Basenji, a capped tri.

  • Okay I asked Debbi Johnson and her reply:

    That is Nadra. She is extremely shy. She doesn't miss out on the treats, just gets them when the others are not crowded around her.

    If you look at the 2011 calendar in the back where the Wimauma b's pictures are, Nadra is on the lower right on the page. She is the one who dug out the hole at the tree trunk.

    Wow wish I could take her but i can't. 😞

  • Thanks, Debra, for sharing the link. What a heartwarming article that will make any basenji lover smile! I wonder if Pam shared her story with any of the learning channels, like Animal Planet, Nat Geo, etc?

    Pam and the other volunteers are truly angels. The descriptions of each dog makes me want them all! πŸ™‚ I wonder how bad the Empty Nest Syndrome will be for these wonderful people πŸ™‚

  • You know, she had over 50 dogs there (including pups) at one point, had family and volunteers help. Finally got many into homes (all the pups gone now) and some adults homes or fostered. I suspect after now almost 10 mos, a surely several more to go before all those are homed… Pam will need a vacation to enjoy her own dogs.

  • Thank goodness there are so many caring people to devote their time to rearing these Basenjis and enabling them to cope with a permamnet home. They make up I think for those irresponsible people who think that a dog is just a money making machine.
    The way they care is also shown in the wonderful descriptions of the remaining dogs.
    I wish all good things for the Basnejis and their loving foster people.

    Thank you for posting the link Debra

  • First Basenji's

    Has anyone worked with or met any of the Wimauma adults recently?
    I've been thinking about applying to adopt one of the females.
    Cody's become so much more confident over the last year and a half, and I think he'd be a good companion for one of them.

  • I have a board on facebook for basenji fosters and adopters. I am waiting (she truly is over worked and spread unbelievably thin especially with the huge amt of rescues this year… I am just impatient) for Debbi to send out notices, but you are welcome to come chat there! See link at top. I know a couple of folks there already got adults. I want the shy one in the video. 😞 Breaks my heart. Sadly Arwen is not very dog friendly and I am afraid of bringing in an adult, especially female.

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