• Hello Everyone!

    My name is Casey and I from Sacramento, CA an I am really happy I joined this forum. I absolutely love the breed. I wish that I was telling everyone about my new Basenji and had pictures to share but sadly it will be about two years from now before I can own. The reason for this is my job schedule, and the love of my life currently being in a graduate program in Colorado. We really want to raise our Basenji the right way so we are putting our impatience aside and waiting until she finishes school. Our interest in a Basenji turned from a bored internet search of low shed dogs into an obsession! In my opinion these are the best looking dogs and they are low shed so we said ?Boom, that's our dog!? So I studied the breed and soon saw many things written saying Basenjis are difficult to train and required a different style training. The information that I found was pretty good but started to overlap the more I read. I thought that being a part of a forum like this, I could get real opinions on;

    • Choosing a Breeder
    • Choosing a Puppy
    • Training; Tips and Book suggestions
    • Proper Food selection
    • Maintaing Hygiene

    Of course there is probably a lot more I will learn as well. My girlfriend and I are both going to be beginners in Dog training and we just want to be as prepared as possible so we can be great Basenji owners. So thanks to everyone in advance and hopefully we can get to know each other better.

    Casey and Stassie

    ( I tried to attach pictures of us and our hopeful dog, so if it works the pictures are supposed to be us in 2 years)

  • Choosing a breeder, here is a great link http://www.basenji.org/learn/Index.htm and go to screening breeders. Lots of great tips there..

    Choosing a puppy - Rely on your breeder to pick the puppy that suits you and your life style… and no time like the present to start visiting breeders, getting to know them and deciding on the breeder that you are most comfortable with as they with you.

    Search the Forum for many tips on training, food, etc....

    And since you are in the Sac area, there are many events that go on during the year that you can meet Basenjis and Breeders. You can find events (and NO. Cal breeders) at www.norcalbasenji.org (The Basenji Club of Northern California)

  • Welcome! Lots of info here, you will be able to learn more than you think.

  • hi to both of you - so much to learn and SO much information here. The picture of the dog you posted looks very nice. What is his/her situation right now? Or were you intending to get one of this dogs' offspring?

  • @Kipawa

    Oh no, I am not sure what that particular dogs situation is. We just really like tri-colors and I found that specific one on google images.

  • Welcome to the forums.

    In addition to what Pat has already posted, I would add, meet some breeders and their dogs and start to get a feel for the differences between families of basenjis. It doesn't even have to be breeders neccessarily just meeting basenjis in person and spending time around them is important.

  • You can always consider a rescue basenji. BRAT has many b's who need homes.

  • Casey - I am in the same position as you - not quite ready for a basenji (elder cats in the home), but doing tons of research. I have visited dog shows and spoken with breeders at the shows, and I have found this to be the best way to see the dogs, ask the breeders how much socialization they do with the new puppies, etc. One breeder in Washington state even holds a basenji play weekend. So, meet lots of breeders and ask them lots of questions. You'll find it invaluable down the road.

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