Breeders Screening buyers… The Right Puppy for the Right Family

  • There is an interesting article that is on the AKC site for breeders…. This is the way responsible breeders communicate with potential puppy buyers. While there are some things I don't do (require insurance for one)... most of the things done by this breeder are what responsible Basenji Breeders do... just goes to show, it is across the board in placing puppies regardless of the breed.

    And certaily shows the difference between the people that sell over the internet to anyone that shows up with the dollars......

    Here was the first in the series.. and while geared to breeders, it certainly is for potential puppy buyer too… to understand what/why breeders do and ask the questions

  • Pat, thanks for posting both of these articles - they are excellent. There were so many comments in those articles that I agree with 100% - "you are not buying a used car" (pertaining to bickering about the price) and the question "are you prepared to make a commitment to this dog for its entire life?". If people honestly answered that question, there would be so fewer rescues.

    Animals in our home are treated the same as humans - once you are in this home you're here for life. Our senior cats can attest to that - life is quite wonderful for them. Any sign of illness and they are off to the vet. Once every 6 months I have routine blood and urine tests done. I would do the same for my kids if I had any.

    I appreciate the breeders who follow the practice of placing their dogs in carefully selected homes. When the time comes for me to buy my basenji, I won't deal with anyone but an ethical and caring breeder.

  • Good reading, very important for people buying a pup to know they have a responsible breeder.

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