More YT: Tillo being a good boy

BF made two little videos of Tillo and me during our walk. The first one is Tillo doing 'back to place'. We hadn't done it in a while and I never used the Flexi as 'place'.. but he got it anyway šŸ˜‰ The second is Tillo just being cute and walking through my legs..



It's great to see his achievements, well done Tillo

It's amazing to see what you have been able to do with him. His training has been an inspiration for many of us, me included, who have a hard time getting them to just simply "come!"

Sonny will be arriving shortly in the Netherlandsā€¦he'll be coming to you as a basenji juvenile delinquent..please train and return when all undesirable behavior is gone....;)

ps.. Sonny also ask while your at it if you can help him work on getting the "Tillo abs"....the girls at the dog park back home will be thrilled :p:p:D:D

Tillo, you are so smart!

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