Where is….

Basenji Boy? Are you out there?

Yes, he sent me a private message asking about the stuffed B-toy and if we ship to Poland… we do..... Basenji boy, your profile doesn't accept private messages

i also was wondering about arti. suspicious, isnt it? those two might be escorting willy and arti on a romantic getaway…

MMMMMmmmmmmmmm, maybe basenji boy is on vacation??? I hope all is well at basenji park!

Yeah I'm looking for him too…wondering if he's going to the Edison NJ Show & I need adress for the show???

BBOY-I hope you come back soon 😃 😃

I tried sending Basenji Boy a private message last night and it said that he unsuscribed!???? I hope he did not leave us. Does anyone know where he is and why I can't seem to send him messges anymore?

Very odd. I guess B Boy is MIA.

I sent him an email, and he responded that he is fine, but has some time contraints right now that don't let him get to the B-forums. He hopes to return soon 🙂

The mystery is solved…. how about Arti?


The mystery is solved…. how about Arti?

Mexico. Arti and Willy on Vacation.;) Enjoy!:)

😃 😃 😃

Hilarious! BBoy- Are you back now??


Hilarious! BBoy- Are you back now??

When I can. Thought Ya'll needed a giggle.:)

I love that the B's were drinking Corona on the beach! Great pics BBoy!

Basenji, miles away from ordinary.:D

HA i knew it! lol, too cute

B Boy…You Remembered our conversation about the beach and corona! Hahaha
Gald to see you back 🙂

Yay! I am glad you could drop in! Very nice beach!

LOL! That's too funny!!!! 🙂 Great photos, B-Boy!

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