Hunters with their Basenjis

  • I love seeing these pics of basenjis in Africa!

    I think its Maya's idea of hell - actually having to work!! But fascinating to see how they were/are kept and raised over there.

  • Very cool picture. Wonder if they still use them to hunt?

  • Thanks for sharing this Dan.

  • First Basenji's

    Very cool. What's the source?
    And what do basenji hunt, anyway?

  • Dan, great find. Quite the picture.

  • Awesome picture, Mr. Nobarkus! Thanks for sharing it… 🙂

  • Interesting to see the ear carriage on the whole lot of them… They seem to have their ears more placed on the side of their heads, not like the upright, we expect and see, mostly 😕

  • I take Blaze into the senior's lodge to go visit Grandma (in a town of less than 300), sure enough, there's a gentleman there that knew what Blaze was. He was an archeologist back in his day. His last dig was in 1976 deep in the Congo, and he stayed with villagers and witnessed the hunts and the lives of the basenjis in the village.
    He told me about one hunt.
    The basenjis chase antelope into huge nets that are strung up in the forest like barriers. The nets are handmade with ropes and vines. Some of the hunters stay near the net and hide, the majority of the hunters take the basenjis to the water hole and wait. When the antelope arrived, they release the basenjis and chase behind almost soundlessly. You can really hear the gourd bells, which are mostly around the loins. The antelope hit the net and are shot with arrows. The basenjis have to get beaten off… they get a little too excited.
    He has some amazing pictures. I'm trying to borrow his album to scan, but he's not comfortable with that idea.
    He loves Blaze though and he knows the african word for the breed which I can never remember or pronounce.

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