• My name is Geoff and I recently purchased my first dog and I chose a Basenji. I loved the breed the minute I saw them. They cary themselves with a sense of dignity. Upon getting Roscoe, I quickly realized they are a handful but I welcome the challenge and wouldn't give him up for anything. He is quickly learning but needs some guidance so I have enrolled him in an obedience boarding house for a week. Can't wait to get him back so I can see the progress he's made. So far I'm very happy with the decision to get Roscoe and I look forward to many years with my little buddy.

  • Welcome, do you have pictures? Who did you get him from, many of us are related by our Basenjis here on the Forum.

    Hope that the boarding "school" works out….. but I would suggest that when he gets home that you continue with obedience classes where you would with him as a team

  • Welcome to the forum Geoff and Roscoe. You will find tons of great advice, info and friendship here.
    Have you any pics of Roscoe ?
    I have never heard of a Training boarding school, don't mean to be rude but it seems a funny idea to me as you need to see what's going on and work with your Dog.
    As Tanza says when he gets home perhaps enrol him in training classes that you attend as well.
    You have chosen a great breed and i hope you have fun with him.

  • Welcome Geoff and Roscoe. I think you've made the right decision, you can get a lot of pleasure bringing him up.

    Please let us know how the boarding school works out.

    The only experience I've had here is of someone I know that sent his Basenji to one to train him not chase livestock. It must have worked for the trainer but unfortunately the owner needed training as well and the poor little boy ended up in our Rescue!!

    So I agree with Pat - when he gets back enrol him in classes that you attend as well.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • welcome to both of you. You chose a great dog for years of entertainment and love. 🙂

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