Facebook Members can help BRAT by July 12th

Hi everyone,
I'm not sure if this is appropriate, but I realize many people here are also on Facebook. Chase Bank is sponsoring a $5 million contest for 200 non profit groups; facebook members simply have to vote for their favorite charities. (You get 20 votes for 20 charities).

I found BRAT and Basenji Rescue on the list of charities. If you are a member and interested in voting, and spreading the word, you can help these fine organizations earn $20,000.

That's a lot of puppy chow! 🙂

The link is at:

BRAT had 39 votes and Basenji Rescue had 4; and the contest ends on July 12th. We may be starting this a little late, but if everyone here votes and tells their friends…. there's hope!

I voted and posted on my FB wall!

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