• Following is a special message from Karen and Chuck at Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue. I got my Tyler and Zoey from them last year, and they work so hard and are so devoted to all their rescues. The first photo is Nena upon arriving at Medfly Rescue. The second shows how much she has improved so far. She looks like such a sweet, deserving, young girl.

    We at Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue have a special plea for one of our rescues, an absolutely precious little gal we named NENA. Found as a 6-7 month old stray on the streets of Torrance, NENA came to us through Carson Pound. She is truly a “champion without ribbons” as she arrived starving, toenails worn to the quick so she could barely walk, with the usual upper respiratory and digestive problems of a poundling, having just been spayed, and with a condition that made its appearance when she was able to move. She has a patella luxation that does require surgery. Our vet can do it with a traveling orthopedic surgeon for $1600, far less than big hospitals. But there is no way we can pay for this ourselves as well as care for our many basenjis. So for the first time ever we are asking for donations for NENA. Please check out NENA on our web site basenjirescue.com. and help us get her the surgery she needs. http://basenjirescue.com


  • 😞 that's so sad. at least she got rescued and is doing better. I really hope everything works out for her! shes a gorgeous dog!

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