• We always thought, Chafuko is Ryan's guardian, Buana just loves him as he loves Chafuko and us but we thought wrong….

    Last week, we went to the beach with the boys and Ryan.
    Kas took Buana and Ryan (in the baby-car 🙂 )
    I was walking in front when a GIANT black dog came agressive running towards us.
    The black dog was walking off the leash (no owner near) so we give them more space on the leash (didn't have time to put them off, if they are off the leash they can handle it better)
    Chafuko sniffed the dog and growled back, but walked along with me to the beach.

    He turned aroud to Buana, on the other side of Buana was Ryan.

    Normally, Buana goes crazy on the leash and will react totally angry when a dog shows this agressive.
    Now, Buana stayed at his place, he didn't move a foot.
    He started growling, a growl we never heard from him (I thought it was the giant dog that growled :eek:)
    He showed his theeth the whole time and kept growling, the dog made a step closer to Ryan and Buana started growling even harder, after a big minute of growling, the dog ran away with his tail between his legs :eek:

    Buana looked at us and Ryan and moved on to the beach..

    He was protecting Ryan!
    Normally when Ryan isn't there with us, he would have react very different but no reaction like this!
    He stayed between Ryan and the dog, the dog could have hurt Buana so bad (he was so big and s? agressive)

    At the beach, he stayed closes to Ryan, Chafuko was swimming with Kas but Buana kept an eye on Ryan.
    The giant dog was close (a few meters away) with some trees between us.
    Buana kept looking if he came any closer and stayed ith his brother...

    Normally when we are walking anywere with the whole family, any dog can put his head with Ryan..
    Lots of dogs always want to ckeck what's in there.. Ryan likes it very much, the boys don't mind that but this dog :eek:

  • Houston

    Such a good boy..he knows what is his to protect..

    We had a dog, Lou, when our daughter was born ten (eek) yrs ago..that didn't really care for her nor look at her..she was just a nuissance in his mind, until one day when she was several weeks old we went for a walk and somebody (we knew this person) stopped to talk with us and she leaned in on the stroller to look at the baby..Lou went nuts, his hair went up, mohawk style and he growled..something I had never seen him do before..
    He was protecting her..and it made me so proud..even though he didn't really care for her, he knew to protect and love her…just like a family should do.

  • Great story, thanks for sharing.

  • Well done to Buana - he obviously wasn't going to let this dog get near Ryan!

  • Glad everything was alright, Brave boy Buana.

  • Special treats for Buana! What a stoic action he took protecting 'his' Ryan.

  • Buana is the 'senior' dog in your home, doing his job protecting his family. What a great dog, a nice story, add that to Ryan's "Baby book" stories!
    He sensed that this dog was a threat, not like your friendly dogs you meet on your walks.
    Good boy!

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