• We finally had a beautiful day here in the Vancouver area (similar weather in the PNW). So I got my camera out and took a few pictures of our yard, some rocks I have painted, and my special cat Barney. It rained lightly this a.m. but it is starting to look like it is picking up. We have about 4 days of sunshine forecasted right now. Yippee.


  • Looks like the cats enjoying it too! You and the PNW get that storm trough that heads up north because we get high pressure here in N CA. You have a really nice garden.

  • Barney looks so content on the wood chippings 🙂
    I love the painted rocks,especialy the sunflower. My mum used to paint rocks in the 60's and they where used as paper weights. Sometimes the rocks were so beautiful all they needed was a coat of varnish. I must admit to being fascinated by Rocks, Pebbles and driftwood.

  • Nobarkus - so send us some high pressure, okay? No need to hog it all! Gardening is a love of mine, maybe because I'm half Dutch. I know the Dutch love their gardening. My cats appreciate it too. In the front yard I have a cat mint plant. It's starting to get little flowers on it, and they are very fragrant. All of our 3 cats like to roll around in it and then do their "C-500".

    Shelley - I just started doing a few painted rocks this year. I'm using them to make a border around a garden bed one of my cats likes to sleep in. My flower designs are kind of primary - I'm certainly no artist, but they are fun to do, cost very little, and brighten up the garden. Like you, I also enjoy rocks, pebbles and driftwood. If I visit a beach, most of the time my head is down, looking at rocks or seashells.

  • Fran, this looks like a wonderful place to live…your kitty sure is happy with the sun. I have to say, we did enjoy it as well.
    You might find your b does some nibbling on plants. As I don't have a garden/or tended yard, you might want to ask what you can expect when you get your new b...I hear some nip off rose shoots, all sorts of veggies...that type of thing.
    Knowledge is power with this breed.

  • Sharron, you're right. Knowledge is power. Right now, none of the plants I have are toxic. I am a stickler for that type of thing, because if it's not my animals getting sick, it could be someone elses, and I would never forgive myself.

    As for a b nipping off rose shoots, well… that would just mean that the rose would have no flowers! It might not look like it, but the yard/garden is maintained for the enjoyment of all of us - humans and pets. I love my garden, but I love my animals first.

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