• In yesterday's comics Marmaduke was fooling around on the computer and the little girl said "Marmaduke's instant messaging with a basenji in Katmandu!" Lately we've heard about basenjis that cook and polish floors, but what if they start instant messaging too? My Abbey plays "computer" sometimes. She attacks the arrow and she's really into popups if they flash or twinkle! So far though, she's never developed any keyboard skills. BTW, I wonder if there ARE any basenjis in Katmandu?

  • Makes one wonder, doesn't it? My basenji/whippet mix is constantly trying to get me off the computer (I take her to work) to play. So far, she hasn't attempted to type anything.

  • Our computer is in the same area as our laundry. My B is WAY too distracted by the socks and undies to IM anyone 😃

  • LOL…I saw the cartoon in the paper but here's the link


    When my husband got home he asked C3PO…"Were YOU the one IMing with Marmaduke???" LOL

  • LOL! Very clever, that Marmaduke! 🙂
    The only computer skills Stormie has perfected is standing on the keyboard while the 'puter is on and making the it "screech". :eek: Very pleasant, happy sound! :rolleyes: 😉 I think Stormie's trying to tell me to get off the 'net and fetch him a chicken jerky! 😉 :rolleyes:

  • Senji has a Pavlovian response to my laptop. Whenever he hears the lid go "click", he thinks he's getting to go "walkies".

  • Jojo either wants to be pet while I am on the computer or she just curls up on the bed (my computer is in the guestroom) and sleeps. She does look at my laptop if I have a B howling on it…silly girl...

  • She does look at my laptop if I have a B howling on it…silly girl...

    That's funny…Topaz started growling at my laptop when she heard B noises coming from it. She didn't like it at all...LOL 😃 😃

  • Thanks for putting up the Link, VERY cool. SEE basenji's are the new thing in Pop Culture, lol. So Fab. lol.

  • I showed Bruiser a video of him on the computer and he just sat there and watched for about 10 minutes. As long as doesn't make long distance calls back to Katmandu, I think I will be alright!

  • my cat is the one who wants to type, or get me off to snuggle with her
    so when Duo the cat, is in my lap on the computer, Bindi comes by and wants to be up there too! mostly to play with kitty ❤ hehe so far I try to keep her away from my other love, electronics ❤


  • Yes my B isn't to fond of the computer or anything that distract his mommie from him. He indeed has to constantly be the center of attention. Even when we walk and he sees ppl, he wants to run to them and if they don't stop to admire him he seems to wonder what happened.

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