• Hello all. We are indeed the new kidz on the block. My husband and I showed Basenji's for 22 years but have lost interest in that aspect of Basenji life. We have 2 brat girls that we adopted on Christmas Eve, 8 months after loosing our last girl. We had 3 and they all loved to a ripe old age, 17 yrs for 2 and l4 for our first. For the first time in that long era, we have waste baskets that are out, bathroom doors that are open and undies in an open laundry basket. Our new girls have given us quite the ride, and both had to go to Canine College for a week, expensive but well worth it. She showed us what we were doing wrong, not what the girls were doing wrong…..a great concept! Belle is a red and white and has OCD, if that is possible for a dog. Kelle' is a tri and just a complete lover. Kelle' is pronounced Keylee. I will have trouble with that for the rest of her life, everyone wants to call her Kelly. Darrell and I decided on Basenji's 8 months before we wed, in l988 and though they are somewhat difficult to raise, as you know, they do capture your heart and mind, not to mention your pocketbook, your time and your sanity. We still have housebreaking issues on occasion, they are 4-5 years old, and are a little willful about changing their habits, but we know we can overcome eventually. We did find that during the 8 months of being without a dog in the house, that no matter what we did, Basenji was the very only breed we wanted. Corgi's came close but way too much hair. So that is us, pretty much in the Basenji way of life. Hope to meet many of you at the Convention.

  • We welcome you to the forum! We look forward to some pictures and hearing your experiences too.

  • Welcome to the forum and thank you for telling us a little bit about yourselves.
    I'm sure you will enjoy it here.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum :):)

  • Hi Joan and basenji family, welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing about basenjis from you, as with all of that experience I am sure you can share quite a few stories with us. Have you any pictures of your new girls? You'll see that we love pictures here!

  • Welcome to the Forum.. I'm sure you'll get on top of any problems - 22 years must have taught you something!!! Being without must have been terrible despite the open laundry basket!!

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