• At what age to puppies start to lift there leg to potty. I know this may sound strange but I would perfer him to squat. Is there any way to keep them from doing this? 😕

  • Neutering before puberty frequently does the trick. My two boys were neutered (a bit late) at the age of 11 months and neither lifts their leg even though I have 2 intact males who do lift their legs.

  • Leg lifting is a bit of a complex behavior. For some neutering may do the trick for others not. Also, some are just "late bloomers" with respect to that. I know a whippet who did not lift his leg for over a year and though he will do it now, it is not all the time or even most of the time.

  • My tricolor started lifting his leg at 1 year and a 1/2 , his son did it at 8 months.

  • Yeah….leg lifting does have more to do with individual than with testosterone...but I guess I meant marking in inappropriate places...like in the house. Lots of male intact basenjis *don't mark inside the house. But for a pet, that wasn't going to be participating in heavy sports training...I would rather neuter before the dog even had the idea to mark in inappropriate places. I don't care whether a dog physically lifts his leg, as long as he isn't doing it in the house; and I think neutering helps that.

  • Ok, I understand!
    My male lifted is leg in the house the day he sired my female, I was quite surprised and upset :mad: , he was 4 years old! He did it for 2 years every now and then, especially when angry with my other male or during the females seasons!
    Then sure neutering would have been an answer! (but in France you are not allowed to compete in agility, racing or lure coursing with a neutered dog or spayed bitch then I won't do it!)

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