• Trog did not like the show site last month, he was totally distracted tracking his way around the ring, so we decided to skip coursing and LGRA this weekend and try a trial being held at our normal training facility. I drove Trog up this morning, he came into the bldg greeting all his friends, human and canine and went thru this rally routine with perfect little sits. Still have to work on his focus, but he passed. Hoping to make their spring rally trial and finish up the RN there. Will switch over to the untrained whippet for the next couple of trials as she is not quite as distracted by things going on in other rings.

    I had two people ask me what breed Trog was and one was the judge as she looked at her sheet at the start and asked me if I was number 1112. I said yes and she rechecked her paperwork and said, is that a basenji?

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