Tested carrierplus affected.

what happens if a basenji is tested and comes up with both affected and carrier. will the dog show fanconi symtoms///???

A basenji cannot be BOTH Carrier and Affected. They are EITHER Carrier(1 copy of the gene) OR Affected(2 copies of the gene) OR they are INDERTERMINATE between Carrier and Affected(test can't determine whether they have 1 copy or 2 copies) in which case you will not know which they are unless they become symptomatic for the disease.

I thought that Indeterminate was between a Carrier and Clear, and should always be treated as a Carrier, when making breeding decisions 😕

my test said indeterminite between clear and carrier, treating as a carrier.

Indeterminate is between a Clear and Carrier and should be treated as a Carrier.

The lab says they have never found an Indeterminate between Carrier and Affected but they are scientifically possible. I had asked about this in 2007 at the Nationals and at the time Dr Johnson did say it was possible but they had not seen it at that time.

can u see if u can get the test done again

I got both results because I had it redone (3 times total to confirm A status). I got a carrier with two clear parents, then affected, then as a determining factor, they did it again and it came carrier a second time.

??? i alwways thought that if the parents are clear then the pup is clear too!….. if one parent is clear and the other parent is a carrier, then u would have a chance of haven a pup being clear or being a carrier!. because there is only i gene that they can copy, or am i confussed/?.

You're right on, I've got an abnormality in the testing. I don't know what went wrong or where, but I know that there are issues with Medjai's line. And we had to do DNA parentage to help narrow them down a little.

get her on some vitamines, called pet tabs on if she is a carrier though, u don't want to give these to her if she is( affected)!. i give my boy half of one a day just because he eats once a day !!. that little brat is very piky!!.if he had his way i would have to fix dinner verynight for him!!. good luck in everything!.holy crap… that turned out to be exspencive to narrow it down!. she/he is really cute though!!. i love the colors. my daughter likes the blk&wht one's she's beging me to get a nother one that color!! but there hard to find in mich!.can everyone here put the word out that im looking for a blk& white female! ii have about 300. towards one, because im on s.s.do to a car accident that almost killed me!. but back to you baby. how far did u get on narrowing it down??. i know nothing of my boys back ground but 5 generations and none of them where tested!. i got very lucky with him being clear!!.

sender, how do u keep them in the yard with that type of fence/???!!!! my boy would look at that and thank yahoo freedom and shink out under there!!!!!. that brat of mine!.

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