• I had never really heard much about this before, but we're just sorting out the Paperwork for PRA testing two of our labs and the company who do the test list a PK Deficiency test for Basenjis.

    It is only $80 so not expensive, but just wanted some ideas from other owners as to whether it is a good thing to have done? Generally i think if there is a health test available you should do it, but it would involve a blood test which is more invasive and painful than a fanconi cheek swab so wanted some more input please 🙂

  • It never hurts to do testing… this is a recessive gene and this is a direct test, so offspring can be called "clear" by parents. So really if you know that parents or grandparents have been tested clear, your girl will be clear. You would just need to research and verify that she comes from clear.

  • I have the same idea Maya.

    I have heard that there are very few carriers left in the world, and that the disease appears to have nearly been erradicated, BUT, to my way of thinking, if there are even a few carriers left in the world, then Im sure I would be the "lucky" one who would put carrier to carrier, so testing for me was VERY important…

    Im actually a bit anal about testing anyway 😃

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