• You need to go to this website and print out the Fanconi Protocol. Be sure to also print a copy to take to your vet so you can get the right tests done and get your basenji started on the correct supplements.


  • @sharronhurlbut:

    I think all b's should have this test done.

    I agree, but not everybody does. I spoke with somebody who bought her B from a Dutch breeder. When I told her about Fanconi and the test, the breeder intervened immediatly: "this 'so called test' is NOT working (yet), so there is no need to test the dogs."

    How can it be that breeders still feel this way?

  • Stupid is stupid, be it breeders or just plain folks.
    The sad news is that knowlege is power and they are doing a great disservice to the folks they sell to.

  • @Janneke:

    I agree, but not everybody does. I spoke with somebody who bought her B from a Dutch breeder. When I told her about Fanconi and the test, the breeder intervened immediatly: "this 'so called test' is NOT working (yet), so there is no need to test the dogs."

    How can it be that breeders still feel this way?

    Same reason that here in the US NOT responsible breeders say the same thing. They either don't know about Fanconi, don't understand it, already have it in their Basenjis and don't want the test to prove it to people, don't care.

    It is sad… and it is sad that people will come up with all kinds of reasons "not" to test.... it is just plain stupid.

    And for the breeder that told you that, you should respond with "if it is only a so called test, why have over 1700 Basenjis from around the world been tested?" (there are now 1700 Basenjis on the OFA site)

  • When the test was released, my husband said that we would never really get to see the real numbers of carriers and affecteds because there would be many who would not test their high risk dogs because they would not want the results out there for everyone to see. I think that we are seeing this, some breeders are afraid to see what their results will be.

    There has been a Code of Silence very much in effect in certain countries, I have personally recieved nasty emails from people in other countries when discussion on lists over the years has turned to Fanconi and I just happened to mention statistics like Dr Gonto has consulted with Basenji owners dealing with Fanconi on every continent. Nearly 10 years ago, a basenji breeder in Australian sent me an incredibly rude email asking me to retract that statement because she was 100% certain that there has never and will never be Fanconi in Australia.

    This Code of Silence has prevented breeders from collecting good data and making educated breeding decisions. There have been many breeders who have tested expecting to find all Clear results only to be crushed when well over 50% of their kennels were Carrier or Affected. These results are what some of these other breeders are using as their "proof" the test must be wrong. They are so entrenched in the belief that Fanconi can't happen to them they do not want to find out that they are wrong.

    The one thing we can do is to make sure that the correct information about the test is put out there for each buyer to make their own decision. We should encourage owners of dogs with untested parents to test so that they have an idea of what to expect. We should be sure to ask that anyone who is considering a basenji, be sure to only buy from a breeder who not only tested but used those test results to make responsible breeding decisions. I have seen at least two breedings where there was not a parent that had tested Clear. In one case, only one parent was tested and was a Carrier. In the other case, both parents have tested Indeterminate. This is not responsible breeding. Nor is continuing to breed blind when a test is available.

  • Mind-boggling, isn't it? That people would refuse to put such an amazing tool to use.

    I can understand breeders feeling like an "affected" result may seem to be a blight on their breeding program, but how can it? I mean, until recently you really were breeding blind when it came to Fanconi.
    I would think they would be thrilled to have the tool, even though some of their preferred breeding stock may be eliminated from the breeding pool.
    I guess in my little bubble-world, ALL breeders {except for the blatant byb type} have the welfare of the breed, and in particular of their own dogs, on the top of their priorities list.

  • This may be a stupid question but…

    If someone purchases a puppy who comes from a dam & sire both tested as CLEAR for fanconi, is it still necessary or encouraged to then get that puppy tested as well?

    Just curious since both of Dallas' dam & sire [& practically half the bloodline] came out CLEAR for fanconi.

  • If he is not going to be bred then you should be able to wait until there is a direct gene test. He should test Clear since both parents are Clear. I would recommend going ahead and sending in his blood to the CPP if you have him in for a vet visit that way it is there if you want to get it tested in the future. It can also be helpful to researchers since we are hoping to start some new research into PRA and I think there is even a proposal for a study involving hypothyroidism.

  • The more testing we do to keep our dogs healthy, the better imo.
    Worth every penny it costs to have it done, to have the knowledge to deal with what might come.
    Good breeders are such a wonderful thing to have in our breed!

  • @JustJunie:

    Hi, I am new. I am owned by 3 basenji's, one of which was just adopted. I was told that he has that disease and that I need to have a blood test every 6 months. Do you think this is the one that costs $60? I would like to take as good of care as I can for Banjo and I really do not understand all of the ins and outs. I was told to feed him bananas to keep his potassium up, but alas he doesn't seem interested in them. Any information you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Hello! I was hoping we would see you on this site!! Thanks so much for adopting Banjo there!! He has quite a long thread (in the Rescue/Adoption forum) of admirers. We would love to see pics of the gentleman. 🙂

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