Luke & Kenzie

We adopted Luke (4 months old) about a month ago and decided to foster/trial visit with Kenzie (1 1/2 year old), she may be a keeper…:)

She looks like a keeper! What a cute couple!

It looks like they are quite happy together. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Oh wow, I got to spend Saturday with (Mac)Kenzie at the Pet Expo, I know first hand what a wonderful dog she is! She was on "meet and greet" mode from 8 am till I left at 3, never a raised fur or grumble at humans, dogs, kids, she is absolutely wonderful! As a matter of fact, at least 3 people wanted THAT DOG, not any other basenji, just MacKenzie! Congratulations, I have a feeling this will be a "failed" foster!



What a lovely cute together..jepp she very well might be a keeper.

If anyone "fails" fostering, its just a good thing.
Love the photos.
Thanks for sharing

They look so settled together in that second pic, lovely.

Yep, I can see a failed foster there. It can't be helped!

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