• Hey guys,

    Starting yesterday, my 3 month old yelped a little and then tried to bite her behind a few times. We thoroughly massaged her everywhere to make sure she hadn't hurt herself and she is fine but its confusing why she's starting doing it.

    This morning when she got up she yelped as if she was in pain but again I can't find anything wrong with her… she has had all of her shots and was just at the vet last week. I searched her for any sort of bite marks/fleas and found nothing...

    Going to call the vet but would also appreciate any advice

  • Sounds to me like a flea or insect bite…. just because you didn't find one, doesn't mean it was not there.....

  • I have had that happen to mine. Maybe they turn or twist wrong and get some pain in the back. I have had my past Basenjis hurt their backs jumping off a bed or playing too rough.

  • Very true tanza, I took her to some trails on the weekend so its likely something may have bit her…

    I talked to the vet, going to monitor her for the next couple days and if it continues I'll take her in but I/we don't think its anything too serious 🙂

  • Sorry to hear of Cosmo's problem, hopefully it will soon get better whatever it is.
    I have to say Malaika screams quite a bit even if she's not hurt, she screams if scared too.
    The other day she screamed when she saw a wasp, if the cat looks wrong at her or if someone makes a sudden move.

  • If she was bit by a tick, would the tick still be in there (it's head) and would there be a need to remove the head and then treat her with medicine (i.e. antibiotics)?

  • Chigger bites are hard to find too but they are itchy and can make them chase their tails.

  • I give my b's a benedryl if it seems they are messing with a bite. I am pretty sure it is not fleas/tics as i am very punctual with their meds. for that. and we never see any on them. we do check regularly.

  • @jonny:

    Chigger bites are hard to find too but they are itchy and can make them chase their tails.

    And here I thought my idiot was chasing his tail sometimes just because he's happy. He catches it most of the time….I'll have to look him over. He's on flea and tick med as well as heart-worm, the vet said he doesn't have intestinal parasites and I don't find bug dirt on him anywhere. I suppose he could have chiggers occasionally. Thanks for calling my attention to this.

  • Our B Kairoe did the same thing after getting his shots. We massaged the area where the needle went in and sure enough he gave out a yelp. I relate it to when we get a shot and the pricked area can become quite sensitive for a few days and up to a week.

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