BCOSW Fun Match pictures

Thought I'd share the pictures from the Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin Basenji and Sighthound Fun Match this past Saturday. It was a small entry as there was also another match in the area at the same time which pulled away some of the sighthounds. It was still a lot of fun. Basenji puppies were cute of course and we had a number of lovely veterans on exhibition. Enjoy!


Note: The adorable little basenji puppy is a litter sister to one of Tanza's adorable puppies, Franie. Also, Nicole's dog on the forum, Aries, is one of the veterans.

If you are in the area and interested in going to any other of the BCOSW events, please check out the following links.

Those are some great pictures, and then some! Thanks so much for sharing them with us all.

Great Pics, thanks Clay!

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