• Hello my name is Andrew and I am looking into getting a Basenji. I had a Basenji mix growing up and he was one of the smartest dogs I've ever owned. The more I read about Basenji's the more it explains all of the weird quirks he had. Hopefully my new dog will be just as strange. 🙂 😃

  • I just moved from ATL- but you should check out Sherwood Basenji's; I believe they're in your area. Good luck!

  • welcome to the site! there are some great basenji rescue groups out there and of course lots of puppies right now. tis puppy season!

    my favorite rescue sites are:



  • Hello and Welcome. I am adopting a rescue B from BRAT. Perhaps you should look there www.basenjirescue.org There are also reputable breeders listed in the Basenji Club of America Good luck…

  • Hi Andrew. I'm in the Atlanta area also. My name is Robyn and I have several Basenjis. Please contact me if you want to meet my basenjis.

  • I have people come over to meet my basenjis all the time just to meet the breed. Not to sell puppies or dogs but as part of breed education. Many responsible breeders have people come to their homes or meet with them at events so people can meet the breed. Basenjis are not for everyone and the best way to find out if they are the right breed for you is to meet them.

  • Thanks for all the replies.

    Robyn I sent you an e-mail.

  • Welcome…and please let us know when you get your "little bundle of joy"! This is a great place to learn, share and have fun!

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