• Who is coming to Lawrence KS for the ASFA International Invitational over Memorial day? My club is running it this year and so far my 2 boys are the only B entries, entries close 3 May.

  • Carrie is going. She has offered to run my dogs but she needs to discuss it more in depth with the person she's driving with. I'll let you know. So, at least one and possibly three FCh's.

  • Would love to see them again.

  • I was considering going but my boy recently developed swelling at both front leg joints. It could be an immune problem. He was put on Prednisone. At the present time he is my only courser.

  • I will be there with my 2 basenjis. One will be running in open and the other will be there as his cheerleader as this will be her first year running. I am driving down there with my friends who have their Italian Greyhounds entered so looking forward to seeing some b's out there!!

  • Which one is running? I plan to come up to MN in July to Run Trog as he just needs 2 placements for his LCM and can't seem to beat Xander, so we need to get him out to run against other senjis.

  • My oldest, Berkley (Sonbar's Officer Olson) will be running at the II but will be in open as he does not have his FCh yet. Depending on how many points he gets by July will depend on if he runs open or FCh, my guess would be he will be running open come July because I think he still needs 30+ points. My little one who turned a year will be trying it out this year and will probably cert her after a few runs if she is in to it. Will have to see how that goes.

    I have a friend though who has a FCh named Osiris and if knows you need competition he will be there as he usually just runs his guy against my boy since there aren't too many b's in MN running; keep me updated. I don't think he is going to the II though.

  • Great, Kent from Big Paw Prints, recommended Osiris as a nice dog for Trog to run with. Trog is a super snuggly, neutered male who runs nice with everyone, he is just not as fast as our other boy, so he ends up cutting a lot of corners to keep up. Please let him know we will be at the end of July Farmington trial. I also have a couple whippets who are looking forward to trying out new fields as they seem to have the Missouri one memorized.

  • I will let them know. Looking forward to meeting you at the II!

  • I just talked to my friends who have Osiris (and a one year old named Freja) and they are now entering Osiris for the II so you will definitely have competition. Should be fun as long as our Bs all get along :-).

  • That is great. Neither of our kids have had any issues running with others and they ran with over 50 differnt senjis last year between ASFA and AKC. We will not be running as much this year as we are working on their rally and Notra titles this year, plenty of time for coursing and they both love rally

  • Reminder II entries must be postmarked by Monday 3 May. So far we have 3 open, 4 fch and 1 vet, I know the GA entries have not arrived yet, hope to see lots of nice dogs running, and that my whippets season holds off long enough for her to run. The Monday NCA trial has already reached its limit of 85 hounds, not sure how many by breed, there is a waiting list for slots for that trial. Anyone wanting to run in OK on the Friday, there is an AKC trial in Tulsa, I have my boys running there too.

  • I heard through the grapevine that 2 basenjis were DQ'd and 2 were dismissed at the ASFA Int'l Invitational for minor infractions as bumping. Does anyone know who these dogs were? Thanks in advance.

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  • Yep, mine and Carrries were Dq'd, one of Joels girls was dismissed for a minor bump coming into the finish not sure on the 4th as we left early due to injury on another dog. Carries girl was in the first run of Fch basenjis with my boy Trog. They all became unsighted in the middle of the field. Callie approached Trog, he showed butt, they bowed and proceded to run circles. The judges called this agression from Callie and Dq'd her for fighting even though no contact was ever made. The next run was Xander, the pully broke midfield, all dogs stopped and came to us, we restarted, the second run thru on the last corner Xander and Osirus were running neck and neck as the bunny turned, Xander plowed into Osirus, neither dog turned its head or vered off course, they ran straight to their owners and walked off the field. When I went out to talk to the judges they told me Xander had jumped the other dog coming in to the finish. I asked what I should do for retraining and they said run him again with that dog, let the other dog take the lead, and if Xander does not course him, he is ok to recert. Xander was not coursing him during the run, he plowed into him on a sharp turn, not sure how that related. I am quite pissed as I asked the club what I could do and all they said was go out and talk to the judges to find out what they saw, they did not tell me I could file a protest at the trial. My whippet started having heat seizures later in the day and after pestering the FTS all day for what can I do next, I forgot to followup until we had gone home with the sick whippet as the vet recommended getting her home. When I talked to the FT chair yesterday by phone, he said they never overturn a judges call and all we could do was submit a juges letter of irregularity, which I have done via mail today. This is Xanders first DQ, we will do our retraining and recert runs in July, but I will never run him in ASFA again and risk that second DQ, we will stay in AKC where he has a clean record. They have effectively ended the running career of 3 of the top 4 dogs in the country at this trial.

  • For what it is worth, doesn't sound to me like reason's to DQ….

    That said, it use to be if DQ'ed either AKC or ASFA, then you were DQ'ed both, but I don't think that they (AKC and/or ASFA) have followed up on that for years....

  • We had 4 judges working lure, huntmaster and in the paddock, none of them would have even called the DQs a dismissal. We hope to get recerted in July, just sitting out the 30 days and doing the retraining. Its only ASFA and CSFA who prevents DQs from crossing over. Per Bob Mason, AKC will allow DQ's from other organizations to run, I know someone who asked this last yr so her dog could use AKC as retraining for her recert request on an ASFA DQ.

  • The judges that DQ'd the basenjis don't sound like judges I would want to enter under in any organization.

  • The SDs and IGs were treated poorly too. My husband worked the paddock on that field all day and he said borzois were allowed reruns for losing the lure at exactly the same spot as the open basenjis, who had the course called, and were given low scores. Not equal treatment at all.

  • I am sorry to hear that the rumors were true. I assume there were two judges and both marked them as DQ's. Best to find out (share) their names and never run under either.

    While AKC does not recognize ASFA DQ's - ASFA does recognize AKC DQ's but relies on the owners honesty re: them. This from the horse's mouth when I queried them a few months ago.

    Since you do not plan to run ASFA again - why bother with the recert process?

    Bummer all around. :O(

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  • Next yr our focus is going to be canadian coursing in Ontario and in order to run there the DQ has to be worked off. I will allow him to run with Trog or in Singles, I have whippets who want to continue running, just won't run Xander with others to be safe. He is 61 pts from his LCM, would like to go ahead and get that this yr. 75% of the events we attend, we are the whole fch entry. We are driving 800 miles to Colorado this weekend to run NOTRA because every time I tried to run in the midwest Trog got nailed after the line by other dogs, I took Xander up to NY last yr for his first NOTRA adventures and we really enjoyed watching him run safely with all of Trogs 7 relatives, no problems at all. Its a shame that for safe racing we have to either drive to NY or go to CO/NM. We can only make a couple cross country trips a yr, so ASFA and AKC are it for the rest of the performance events. We have just started competing in Rally, one RN so far, 3 more to get thru, then on to the next level. Nearest agility is 100 miles for classes, I'm taking one session in July to learn the foundations there. then hopefully progesss into Agility. We had already planned to taper off the coursing after this year as Trog is getting older and his hips really hurt him if he runs too much as he has arthritis already at 4 and a half.

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