Anti-basenji ASFA petitioning??

I just joined the ASFA Region 7 Yahoo group. It looks like we're in the process of looking for a new regional director and a couple people have indicated interest. Someone on the list posed a very direct question to one of the candidates:

"It has been said through rumblings that there are many in ASFA but
particularly in Region 7 that have a strong aversion to some breeds being
allowed to run in ASFA coursing. These breeds being Pharaoh Hounds, Ibizian
Hounds, RR, Basenji's and IGs. There has been talk of petitioning to get
them out of ASFA. Unfortunately your name has been attached to these
rumblings. I would need to know that I have a Director that can be the
voice for all who participate."

The candidate dismissed her association with the petitioning as nothing more than a rumor, mentioning that
"In fact just yesterday I awarded a Best In Field run to a very deserving Basenji that I'd never seen before." (She was referring to Zippy, I about jumped out of my chair when I read that and then looked at the date it was written 😃 )

I don't know much about ASFA as I haven't even been to a trial yet, haha…but seriously, anyone know about the aforementioned petitioning?

HAHA AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!

The beginning of your post had me freaking out…. oh geeze Booger will never be able to run now!!!! But that's cool! Yay!!! We're SO proud of Zippy girl!!!!

And once we start running all 4, everybody will have to fall in love & the rumors will dissappear for sure 😉

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