• Is anyone on here going to the Hound Show in Bristol on Monday?

    We are entered but not sure if we're going yet. If we did, it will be our first ever hound open show - after only a year of owning a hound :rolleyes:

  • I'm not going Jess, but good luck if you do!

    My next show is Bath Ch show when Pip comes out.

  • Ms. Jess: Yes, ma'am, I'll be right over…as soon as they attach the pontoons to my 18 wheels and propeller to my DOT bumper... 😃

    Good luck on the show if you go.

  • Maya - I'd forgotten it was SW Hound on Monday. Who was judging? How did you get on?

  • Cant remember who the judge was, he was judging BIS though.

    We had a terrible day, got nothing. Tamu was BOB.

  • Win some, lose some. Never mind, I assume that the judge was non-Basenji especially as he also did BIS. Well done to Tamu any way.

    Were there many entries? I'm really getting neglectful of attending my 'local' Open shows. I think after all these years I'm getting jaded!!

    Good luck for the next show!

  • There were only 5 entered which is terrible considering it is a show with basenji classes on (not many of those around!!), i try to enter any that do put our classes on as if they dont get the entries they wont keep doing them which is a shame.

    But yeah, win some lose some. Tamu looked absolutely stunning and definately deserved his BOB. Maya was being her normal self, a complete princess! The show was held in an unheated cattle shed type thing, with a ring directly infront of the open door and it was bloomin' freezing! So she stood in the ring with her ears sideways (what she does when she is unhappy), shivering and looking very sullen lol. Madam does not like going anywhere unless its warm and sunny! But the other dogs managed to just get on with it and show so she was just being a princess about the whole situation i think lol.

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