• Here are some new pics of Frankie and Johnny Born Dec 2. Frankie is really FrankieBas***d and Johnny is just one chill dude. Johnny is going to live with my daughter and Frankie will stay here. Pic 4 and 5 is with Shadow and pic 7 is with Damisi their mother. Pic 9 is with Sugar. Their heads aren't my style, but they are workable.

  • Lovely, thanks for sharing.

  • Lovely pics, which one is Frankie and which is Johnny?

  • Hmm i am guessing Frankie is the Tri ?? Am i right ? 🙂

  • They look really nice! Love the tri!

  • Nice little pack you have there.

  • Houston

    Very nice. I think they are adorable.
    What do you mean their heads aren't your "style"?
    Just curious as I sometimes see basenjis out and about and they look different, more narrow in their face, or more boxy or something like that.

  • I prefer an 'older' style of head. It's a little boxy, these guys, I find, have more pointy snouts. That may change, but I don't know.

    Yes, Frankie is the tri.

  • Houston

    Thanks Arlene..

    I understand the boxy comment, because I tend to agree with you..I have a foster right now that has a very pointy face, and I really like when the faces are thicker..
    Otis is narrow, but not as pointy if that makes sense.

  • I figured cuz the "nicname" he has LOL

  • Yeah, tri_ baaaaaaad!. Frankie kept escaping again, so he was out all day with me-they both were actually- in separate crates. Frankie settled down quickly, Johnny kicked up a fuss for awhile, then settled down. Now, just to crate them in the house. That will be later on this evening when my sons' both wake up and leave!

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