• I have seen people talk about those who say their dog is friendly then the dog snaps. I have been one of those people twice and I am still surprised. Zoey loves every dog she meets and thinks every dog loves her even the ones who are barking like they want to bite her head off. But now 2 times she has snapped and growled. The first was a sheltie and she was tied out with me in the front yard the woman let her dog up to sniff with zoe and with no provocation zoey started growling and snapping. Ok I figure she is protecting her territory against an unknown dog because every other dog has been welcomed with joy. But today while starting our walk, we were across the street from our house a woman who's dogs have interacted with zoe before Though this was way back in sept) wanted to meet our new B chief so when we walked over zoe immediately became very aggressive and started snapping and growling wanting to fight. We were both shocked because the dogs have played before. Her dogs are collies. I cant figure out why zoe would hate this type of dog. It seems to have come out of nowhere, it has only happened these 2 times. Is there anything I can do in a case like this?

  • How old is your girl? Could she be coming into season? My bitch gets very hormonal and moody in the months leading up to her season. I give her Hormonise and 'Stroppy Bitch' which seem to help a bit.

  • She is 16 months. No she isnt in season right now in fact we are getting her spayed tomorrow. And the first time with the sheltie was around a month ago. Not that they ever met because we live east coast and my mom is west coast but my mom owns shelties wonder what she is going to think when I tell her this?

  • She may be a bit protective of the pup…. and she is growing up now too, their attitudes change with age and what they will or will not accept, where maybe before it was not an issue.

  • She was also unable to leave. It is not uncommon for dogs to growl or even snap at other dogs who are in their space when they are on a leash or tie out because they do not have the ability to leave.

    Also, alot of dogs are really rude and adult basenjis do not tolerate "rude" well. Many dogs rush up into other dogs' space which is very rude. So in the case of the Sheltie in the front yard, the provocation could very well have been the dog invading her personal space without her permission. The second incident could very well have been exactly what Pat said, her protecting her puppy pack member.

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