Breeder not doing Fanconi testing?? Do I just walk away?

The Canine Health Foundation discussion of the original Fanconi test development is at

The OFA page on the Fanconi Syndrome test is at

The most recent update on Fanconi to BCOA is referenced at the annual meeting powerpoint at - note that it references the 2009 research update, the 2010 research update, and that inconsistent results thus far are 4 out of 1089 carriers, which currently is consistent with a high level of accuracy.

I think that should make it VERY clear that Fanconi research has been continuously ongoing.

The current advice from BCOA to puppy buyers, as given in the Basenji Health Pages on the BCOA web site, is as follows:

"Owners should insist that at least one parent of any puppy they purchase be tested “Probable clear” for Fanconi, unless the pup itself has been individually tested and was not tested “Probable Affected.” While not a guarantee of health, studies to date indicate that dogs with one or both parents tested probable clear are very unlikely to develop the disorder."

That is directly from the health pages on the BCOA web site and does accurately reflect the advice given to BCOA by experts. In fact, the statement above is a close paraphrase of the researchers.

Quality breeders do the fanconis test before they breed. Those that don't, well, I can only assume they are more "for profit" breeders.
As I don't know this breeder, this is my thinking to share with others, who are looking for basenji puppies.

I have not read all the messages in this thread - but to answer the question in the subject line. Should you walk away from a breeder not doing Fanconi testing? No, you should not walk… you should... RUN

I have a B with Fanconi - I love her to death, but would never EVER get another Basenji from a breeder that did not test.

First Basenji's

Itzyu, that's great information. I like the house analogy.

I don't think TwinPeaks or Northern Gurl are the breeder. I do take them at face value as having purchased (or about to purchase) dogs from the breeder, and loving their dogs very much. We've seen this before a couple times, where owners get defensive about their breeder perhaps because it can take a long time to find just the one and we feel some investment in our decisions.

Yet, it does sadden me to see such incredible defensiveness around the practice of not testing – this should not be condoned. To this day, anyone can go to the OFA database and note that there is one single Fanconi test listing for this breeder's kenne (and no other tests publicly listed, whether or not she did them)l. That is what everyone is saying is not okay here, for all the reasons outlined by more experienced voices above.

If the breeder has a change of heart and starts testing, I for one would be more than happy to commend her for her progressive actions. Better late than never.

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