Hello from Dominican Repulic

Hello, I just got m first Basenji puppy!! He is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. I am really glad there are forums like this because there many breed specific questions not found in most puppy training books. I want to make sure I get ir right! So thank you

Nice to meet you! I'm in the Virgin Islands - your puppy will love the climate. 🙂

Nice to meet you! yeas, he loves it, I cant wait to taking for walks, he is still 10 weeks old and I was waiting fro his second shots. How old is your Basenji?

Almost four months now; we started walking him around 12 weeks I think. I'm glad you're excited about walking, because you'll need it to keep him happy! Our Paco gets very cranky and nippy when he doesn't get his walk.

Welcome to you, Dmey and to Paco. You will LOVE this forum. There are breeders on here, rescue people, and just plain old basenji owners (well, basenji owners are NEVER plain) 🙂 as well as tons of information.

Can you send us a picture of your Paco? We love pictures!

Welcome to the forum! Whats your baby B's name? And please post a picture or two! Hello to Paco as well!

I definitely want to see pictures of the Dominican pup 🙂

Paco's pics can be found here and here:



Here are some pictures of Ayo in La Romana Dom. Rep.

Great PIctures of Paco!!! And what a view from your balcony!!!!

Welcome to the forum dmey and Ayo. He's a lovely looking Pup.
Our Pup is 11 weeks and we are waiting for the second shot, it's difficult trying to tire her out. Like you we cant wait to take her walks.
Your beautiful location makes me a bit jealous 😉


Great pictures and a very cute Basenji pup!
Seeing these pics are making me want to move there 😃

Welcome Dmey and to your sweet puppy. It looks beautifully sunny there. Were you at all affected by the Haitian weather?

Welcome to the forum dmey! Ayo looks very cute! Please don't stop posting pics! 🙂

Thanks, .
Ayo already got his seconf shots but I am not sure if i should take him out yet. At least not on the sidewalk in the city.Unfortunately, there are hundreds of stray , unvaccinated dogs here, and there is a lot of distemper and rabies going around. So I think I might wait till his third shots.

Thanks Patty,
No , I didnt even nknow they were having problems with the weather. It is very sun and way too hot here for thistime of the year.

Welcome!! Cute pup, lovely weather (as I watch it snowing here in Illinois)

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