• Re: basenji
    Bad breeder wrote…
    "after this amount of time,we do care,and i looked at the contract and it states with the option of taking the dog back not a 7 or 8 year obligation to take the dog back come on!"

    Yes, this was posted to me by a family who bred a litter ever year, until their poor basenji wore out and the vet was able to convince them to get her fixed.

    I check with BCOA because I was going to file a complaint against them, but of course, they were not members.

    So, I thank you good breeders and hope these folks get the Karma coming to them...

  • Well said, Sharron. First off, I totally believe in Karma…

    Dogs are not commodities, and it's sad when people have that frame of mind. Thank goodness for breeders with ethics.

  • Sharron, you do so much already not only in rescue, but in supporting responsible breeders…. as they say, we do what we can. And as they say, what goes around, comes around....

  • Sigh, I hope they at least keep the spayed bitch as a pet and not throw her out on the road now that they can't breed her anymore. Seems like that happens alot. 😞

  • As far as I know the girl is still with that family. Its just the puppies they "littered" that are at risk.
    I really do try to be nice to everyone, but sometimes you just have to be blunt.
    Hugs to you all. I am so very lucky to have folks who support rescue by caring for their pups.

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