Rescue and breeders working together

  • Its nice to be able to show rescue does try to reunite folks and their dogs.
    Most of us do try very, very hard to contact breeders, owners, anyone we can who can help us track down the former owners.
    Its sad that in some rescue areas, the breeders and rescue DON'T work together for the dogs.
    I am so very lucky.
    We have a great basenji breed club up in the PNW.
    They are smart, caring folks who only produce the dogs they are sure they have good homes for.
    I have only had one person in my area not take a dog back, or fail to offer to help with funds when rescue rehomes their dog.
    So, its a win/win for the basenjis in my area.
    Until we have no basenjis to rehome, I can only hope the rescue groups in other areas work to win the breeders over to helping the dogs.
    Course, some folks your not going to like, or be able to work with, but still, when we keep in mind its all for the dogs…
    Hope you all have a wonderful sun with your families and pets.

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