• :eek: Humane Society Rescues 11 Dogs in Poor Health


    Faith will be a mother to 8 to ten puppies any day, but she's 14 years old and this is her umpteenth litter.

    Cathy Wells with the West Texas Humane Society says it looks bleak.

    "There is a lot of concern that there's a possibility she may not survive," Wells said.

    Faith was confiscated by Hockley County deputies from her owner, J.G. Alford, along with five other labs, and five basenjis after a tip on Sawyer Brown's show on Newsradio 1420.

    "We got a anonymous call, and off we went to check it out," Wells said.

    Humane society volunteers went to the residence and notified deputies of the conditions.

    "An old bathtub full of food, feces piled up two to three feet," Wells said.

    We called Alford, and he told us he has been breeding dogs for the past eleven years. He has recently been sick and hasn't taken care of his animals as good as he should have. he also told us he sold puppies to any pet store that would buy them.

    "The labs, I was told by Mr. Allford, he would run an ad in the paper and people would come out to his home and buy them," Wells said. "And I am going to say he told me he sold the basenjis exclusively to bonnet pet center in the mall."

    Nancy, an employee at Bonnet Pet Center, issued this statement:
    "We do not know Mr. Alford. We get a hundred calls a day from people selling puppies. We have a health guarantee and a vet checks out the puppies. We do everything we can.

    Eye problems, tumors, hair loss, and decaying teeth just a few of the health concerns for the labs.

    "The labs at Lollipop Kennel, groomed and treated will all be available for adoption," Wells said.

    And the basenjis now under the care of a basenji rescue group.

    "If we don't stop the backyard breeders and the puppy mills this will continue," Wells said.

    This situation not isolated.

    "We have been notified of several others and are checking into it," Wells said. "It happens every day."

    However, this time, faith and her soon to be family have a much better chance at a happy ending.

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