Basenji puppies for sale in uk


Hi all i have 8 basenji puppies for sale in uk.. newcastle upon tyne area.

we have 2 male dogs and 6 bitches all lovely patterns and colours.

very rare pets..

both parents can be seen on collection.

please email me or reply to thread foe more details


Hi do you still have any basenji pups for sale as we are looking for one tel no 07859931309 we live in wetherby thanks

Hi , I'm looking for a basenji puppy and was wondering if you have or know of any for sale , I live in Jersey in the channel Islnds but travel is not a problem. Thanks in advance for any info.

Hello Dave and Chantelle, this thread was started in 2010. If you are looking for a Basenji, a good place to start would be the breed clubs. Try googling Northern Basenji club, Basenji club of great britain and basenji owner and breeders club. Pups are usualy born in the latter/early part of the year so it would be a good idea to identify breeders and ask to go on their list.

Thanks for the help , will try your suggestions.

@sdburnip Hi i am looking for a Basenji puppy , please can you assist
regards Symon


VERY old thread.. should have been deleted as person didn't give info. Obviously a backyard breeder.. you don't want to go there. Contact your local basenji club.

Hi There would you mind texting me with prices please for male and female 😁. Thanks




7 year old thread... person not here anymore, not reputable breeder. Check with your Basenji Kennel Club

Hi dear,
Beautiful Basenji puppie it's available here? How much?
Let me know please

It's here available Basenji puppy how much? Have male?

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