Haiku pics

What is this spot of light? :

Who is going to play with me? :

Don't worry, i will recycle this for you… :

A good Basenji is a tired Basenji :

We've just viewed pics in email :D.
He is gorgeous!

what a cutie! the cat looks less than thrilled.

Cute little boy!

The cat is ready for that puppy to spring up! Such a handsome boy!

What a cute and handsome puppy! Love the recycling pic! 😃

Haiku is so cute, love his wrinkles and sweet little tail. Your Cat is pretty too.


Great pictures..our dogs love empty water bottles too, makes for great toys..and cheap.

Hi everyone,
new pics as Haiku grows..

Aaah.. he's very cute! And he became friends with the cat! That's wonderful 🙂

He is big boy :eek::D.
I like to see he already gets on with Pouka :).

Great series of photos. What a happy pup he is. Glad the cat decided to get along!


Great pictures..I love how he is snuggling with the cat.

He's lovely and growing so fast, your Cat is very pretty.

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