Possible new sister for Sonny!

  • Next weekend Sonny and are going to have a chance to meet a 3 year girl from a nearby breeder. Thinking a head to if this does happen to all work out. I was hoping to gather some pointers on actually bringing a new b into the home and what do to do and not to do during the transition phase of them actually living together. I want having another b in the family to enrich sonny's life but I do worry about him not being accepting of her.I wont know this until we give it a try but I want to do all I can to make the situation a good one for both of them from the start.

    Any advice from those who have brought a second basenji into the family would be great! 🙂

  • Don't bring the new dog right into the house, have a friend or someone meet you with your current dog, down the block or in a park.
    Don't put the dogs face to face, just walk them along like you met a friend…let the dogs sniff pee/poo and each other butts when they seem interested.
    Wait until the dogs seem to want to interact with each other and watch them.
    Then walk them back to the house, and put them in the fenced back yard. If you have seen no aggression or distress, let them off leash in the backyard and let them run, interact. Then move to the house.
    Remember, food, toys, hallways, doorways can trigger issues. So be aware.

  • Two words: Neutral territory. Sharon's advice is spot on. When I brought my puppy home, that's how I introduced her to my other two. I had my brother take her down the street and I went in and got Ruby & Brando and took them down the street to meet her. We all walked together and then once they were fine together we went back into our fenced in yard and I let them off the leash and they ran together.

    I know when I added both of my adults - I had a month trial period to see if they worked out together.

    If you don't mind me asking - which breeder and which girl might you be getting?

  • Thank you both for the good advice!

    The breeder is C-Quest Basenji…the girl is Jokuba Drop It Like Its Hot aka Sizzle.

  • First Basenji's

    She's beautiful. I saw her on the Jokuba website not too long ago.

    I hope everything works out!

  • Houston

    Keeping my fingers crossed this works out.

  • Great news! With the above advice I'm sure it will work out fine.

    Found this pick of her on their website. Beautiful!

  • She's very pretty. are you going to be showing her?

  • @agilebasenji:

    She's very pretty. are you going to be showing her?

    No…just a loving addition to our family if all goes well 🙂

  • Pretty girl! I hope she and Sonny will make a nice couple 🙂

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