• Another point, just because people say "first right of refusal" doesn't mean that they will take the puppy back. My contract says "If for any reason Buyer needs to give up this Basenjis, it will be returned to the Breeder"

  • Jerry -welcome to the forum from the UK.
    Please take the advice that the established breeders have given. I personally wouldn't buy a Basenji with parents unseen -also there are so many advantages of having a breeder not too far away.

    From the breeding side, I would never sell a puppy to someone I hadn't met personally - not to say they wouldn't be very nice, genuine people who would provide an excellent home but how could one tell?

  • Have you considered a young adult instead of a puppy? From my perspective a 12-18 month old is a lot easier to care for and more fun than a gnawing little puppy. A lot of reputable breeders place their finished champions at these ages and they tend to be a lot more settled and outgoing from having been in the show ring. I know several breeders who have pups in that age group or know of dogs available if you email me offline.

  • Jerry, you have a lot of great info here..Glad you found the forum.

  • Yes lots of great info. Hopefully, it can benefit others in my situation that read this thread. Quite frankly, I got more advice than expected. It's good to see there are so many people that are dedicated to the success of this breed.

  • Jerry, you got a lot of advice because, I feel we want you to have the best bred puppy you can find. Why pay for a dog who might not have all the testing done that the quality breeders do? Also, we want you to find the right dog for you, and working with a good breeder or with rescue, you have a friend you can call on anytime to help you, with any issues you or your basenji have.
    Honestly, we are really trying to be helpful. LAUGH, but I guess we just get carried away.
    Hope you see it like this…

  • Sharon, I take it in the spirit of Basenji love. I'm sure after going through my experience here I will be a better care giver of the right one for me.

    lisastewart, thanks for the suggestion of an older dog but I look forward to growing with my companion from their puppy stage.

  • @Jerry:

    Sharon, I take it in the spirit of Basenji love. I'm sure after going through my experience here I will be a better care giver of the right one for me.

    lisastewart, thanks for the suggestion of an older dog but I look forward to growing with my companion from their puppy stage.

    LOL, some of us just have that want of feeling those lovely (not) puppy shark teeth!!!!

  • Thanks Jerry, glad you see we are just wanting to help you.
    WHAT do you need from us??

  • Sharron, I was initially concerned about buying a pup from a breeder online without meeting them or the pup first. Thanks to the responses of this forum, I learned a lot in a short time about the importance of choosing a good breeder nearby. I'm finding local picking slim now, I may just have to wait for next season.. Thanks J.

  • I just do rescue, but I have folks who contact me and want to know who the good breeders are. I have an unmet friend, coming down from BC to a dog show in Seattle, so we can meet and I can introduce her to folks I know who have lovely dogs and are a great support system. She is looking for a long term relationship with the breeder she gets her basenji from. It does take time, and its worth the effort to find a basenji club and go visit. Go to dog shows and after the b's show, talk to the breeders. Contact the rescue folks in your area, believe me, THEY know who to run toward and who to run away from… It does take time...but its so, so worth the homework.

  • I agree with Sharron… it is well worth the "wait" to meet and get to know the breeder of your possible pup.... worth their weight in gold... the year you might spend now meeting and getting to know a local (or semi local) breeder will pay off in the years to come. You will be part of the family... and regardless what happens in your life, your breeder will always have your back ... and know that your Basenji has a place for its entire life regardless.

    I know that I will not ship a puppy ever in the US... people must come here, meet me and then take the pup home... (in a sherpa as carry on, if flying).... I am just not into putting a puppy into a crate at 10/12 weeks (or younger in some cases of what we would consider Back Yard Breeder or Pure for Profit Breeders) and thrown into the belly of the plane...... pretty scarey when you think about it.... When most are just interested in the "profit" of the pup... not the home.. it is really something to think about.

    Thank you for come here and welcome... and thank you for taking all the advise to heart and really thinking over your decision...

  • Jerry, I was reading over this post, and I think your head must be spinning now.
    Sorry. None of the breeders here are posting what they do, to get you to buy one of their dogs. I am not posting what I do to get you to get a rescue dog. We have had posts of folks like yourself who thought getting a b over the net was a good thing, and then had to walk them through issue that should not have happened.
    B's are a long lived breed, if from a good breeder…they can live 13, 15, 17 yrs.
    I don't remember who posted to us that he got a b, and it dies at 5. Heartbreaking.
    So, ok, just trying to not push you, but share what we have learned.

  • Yes Sharron, I've been given good advice. Lots of it and all had the same goal, to help me make the best decision possible. I was just about to order this pup online. You can imagine that excitement… then the reality check of working with more responsible breeders put the brakes on that. Now, I don't mind taking a little longer and working with my local breeders and learning what to look for in a good pup. I'm lucky to have found this website. Jerry

  • Oh, Jerry, hugs to you. I am sorry about your not getting this b right away, but honey, you did dodge a bullet, as my husband is fond of saying.
    We are here to help you.

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