Long haired Basenjis….

Now it is winter in Florida, so it must be cold everywhere else….

Caesar has about 1-1/2 inches of hair on the backs of his thighs/legs/hamhocks....extra scruff on the neck, cheeks and a bit longer all over his back which has been shedding everywhere....

Who has the basenji with the longest hair? Fess up!! I want to see pics!!

Out of all of ours that would be Jasper, he is so fuzzy and soft. The wife said we didn't pick a good name for him…...it should've been "Fluffy":D

ooh he is a cutie!

Lexi doesn't need to grow extra fur because I bought her a (faux) mink coat! And a windbreaker. And made her a sweatsuit made out of the leg of my husband's sweatpants! hahahaha!

how can you post that without pics…..mods, we need an arm twist here....LOL

Fashion show of winter coats to come after our walk in the snow… BRB 🙂

The Mink.

The SweatSuit. (Ignore possessed yellow-eyes)

Double Layering Featuring the SweatSuit and the WindBreaker.

Have no fear, DANGER DOG is here!!

I'm way too cute to be a Bone Burgler! Get this balaclava off me!

My husband was supposed to be going through the closet picking out stuff to give to GoodWill. He ended up cutting up his sweatpants and socks (in procrastination) to make Lexi "tactical"… hahahah... she was fine until half way through her bone. Then she realized she didn't like the mask.

Okay… Back to your regular, naked self!

I know I'm not the only one who has winter coats!! Come on now, don't be shy!!

haha those pictures are hilarious, I'll have to post up some pictures of Ozzie in this lumberjack coat.

Talk about a pampered pup….......lucky girl. She looks like she loves all of it.........way to go BDawg!:D

Very cute, and very crafty!!! We actually don't have an coats here!

love it, socks are great masks!!

OMG those coats are soo funny!! lol awesome. Jack doesnt grow long hair, shed, or anything…and we live in CT. but i have to say, he LOVES being outside, and i worry about him being cold, but he doesnt seem to mind AT ALL...weird...

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