Breeders at Seattle Kennel Club show?

  • This may be the dumbest question asked, but how many breeders here are going to the Seattle Kennel Club show? We're from BC and would drive down to meet you and see your dogs, for a future purchase. Don't worry, just a quick meet and greet is fine - I know you will be busy!

  • The Evergreen Basenji Club will have a booth at the show on Saturday and Sunday, you will be able to chat with basenji folks and meet some dogs there

  • Libby and I are going up… I might be tempted to bring some pups... just not sure I need that extra work... would be easier to leave them at home so the kids can take care of them [they'll be 12 weeks old = WORK].

    We'll have 4 youngsters with us, plus an IG.

  • I will be there as well. I hope to see everyone and say "hi".

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