• Hello hello! The Z-Pack is now successfully relocated to Kirkland, Washington and would LOVE to meet some other Bs and their people. Juanita Bay Park, Marymoor, or along the lakeside? Let's meet, walk, chat, share stories, and let our Bs hang out together. 🙂



  • How fun! Hope somebody takes you up on it. I had a dream last night that I had moved back to Seattle…and was very happy about it 😉

  • Hey good luck in Seattle! i hope you can find some B-friend. I've been lucky to find some good B-people in my new area (and a great dog park to socialize my B's and me) and it makes a big difference in adjusting to a new place!

  • i live in kirkland. let meet up anytime.

  • For any forum member meetups we recommend picking a public location for the meetup. Then posting directions to it along with the a date and time in the meetup thread.

  • Hi Alexbaba,

    I'm meeting another B owner today at Marymoor at 2:00. If you're available, come out and join us!

    We are meeting at the smaller parking lot, just before the main "D" lot. Look for two women and two Basenjis. 🙂


  • Yesterday my hubby took Fender out to Clear Creek Trail for a walk and their were two ladies, one red headed and one white or gray headed out with their Bs. They remembered me from a show, but from his discription I havent got a clue who they were. One of them had an 11 yr old b boy kin to Fender thru Mary K's dogs.

  • great weather in kirkland today (5/15) does anyone want to meet at a park for our B's to play?

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