Lost Rhodesian, SC

Got this from the ASFA Region 7 e-mail list.


A full sibling to my Ridgeback Khoi slipped her collar around 10pm last

Her name is Aeden, she weighs about 75lbs. She has a small white patch on
her chest. She is not microchipped. She slipped her collar around 10 pm with
her handler, at the Red Roof Inn on Laurens Road in Greenville, SC. Her
owner Craig Boreiko drove down last night, and is vigilantly looking for
her. Please call Craig if you have any information regarding any sightings
of Aeden. His number is: 919-260-2218.

They will contact Animal control as soon as they open at 8am.

Any information is greatly appreciated. I hope for her safe return.

Corey Burgess"

The Ridgeback was found safe, not far from the hotel she went missing from.
Other then some scrapes and bruises, she appears to be okay.

Denise Como
Wolfwind Gazehounds ~ wolfwindbz@frontier net.net
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