• Just some pictures of my pug Susie, and Ruby the lory.

    Susie was mid-shake here lol!!

    Pretty Susie…

  • Wow Jess,
    the pics are amazing, you could think of some great captions for them.
    I can't believe the one where Ruby is actualy licking Susie's nose and the ones where she's on Susie's back are great.:D

  • Houston

    Jess, those are some awesome pictures..thanks for sharing.

  • that is a beautiful bird! and what a cute pug

  • Hey, so when are you leaving for Crufts? For anyone else, especially in the US if you are night people or people that can't sleep, Crufts will be streaming live on the internet at

  • These are some really great shots!

    This has me laughing, the birds foot in the collar "hey come closer"!

  • I love the way Susie looks like she's laughing in some of the photos…and Ruby is a gorgeous girl. When will she have all of her "adult" feathers? I can't imagine her getting much brighter...

  • Great photos of two special animals. I have two ****atoos, but I have their wings trimmed. It's great to see the beauty of a full wing - all the colours. LOVE the pig of your dog (on his own) grinning with the "devil eyes" from the flash.

  • Yeah, Dan, you picked my favorite too. Susie looks a bit concerned! All these photos are great.

  • Thanks for all the replies! Pugs have the best expressions 😃

    Kipawa - I try to keep all of my birds unclipped as i like to see them fly 🙂 I take them out on harnesses and flightlines in the summer to get some real flying time in, they love it!! I have one poor conure who had her wing mutilated by someone trying to clip without knowing what they were doing. She drops like a stone if she tries to fly, and the wing wont ever grow back so she will never fly again, poor Lola 😞

    AJs Human - Ruby wont have all of her colours through until she is about 3 (she's 6 months now). She should get much more vibrant colours 🙂

    Tanza - Leaving tomorrow at about 8:30 for Crufts, its just 45 mins down the motorway for me - a local one!

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