Basenji Pedigree Database-IMPORTANT

  • If your dog is not listed in the Basenji Pedigree Database, please e-mail Sally Wallis at It is especially important for your dog to be listed if your dog is registered with a non-AKC registry or non-registered. There is no way to find out any information on these dogs from the non-AKC registries as they do not have an open database like the AKC does. Please give Sally the name, DOB, sex, color, registration number, registry and sire and dam's information of your dog. If you have a pedigree for your dog, give the grandparent's information also. If your dog was bred give the information about the breeding partner and the puppies if they are not listed. If your dog has been medically diagnosed with Fanconi but has not been DNA Fanconi tested, give her that information also.

    If your dog has been DNA Fanconi tested I believe Sally will not have the information to match up your dog's result if your dog is not listed in the database. Sally puts all the DNA Fanconi results in the database.

    If you want to see an example of non-AKC registered Bs in the database, look up Jen's or Surprise and you will see my rescues. Not all of them are officially registered with the non-AKC registries but some did have a registration number.

    I am looking for information about some non-AKC registered Bs that are not in the database.



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