How do I add Teki’s pedigree to the database? Thanks in advance!

That's a question for @Zande, she is the dB goddess!

You need to email the information (sire/dam) to Sally Wallis (Zande)

Sire, dam, date of birth (siblings if known !!!!) and a photo if you have one. I will add it, willingly !
Almost certainly, Dad and Mom will already be in the database. Email me at
the address in the d/b or to

@zande I’ll get right on it tomorrow, thanks!

Done, email sent! However the pedigree doesn’t give parents’ DOB, just the date the AKC certificates were issued

As long as the parents are named - is all I need. Thanks. Been gardening, helped by the Bs, but will add the details and re-upload the database as soon as I can - by tomorrow anyway.


Its done, photo embedded and I found a sister !!!

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