• I'd heard that I might get trained by my Basenji rather than the other way around, but I give Paco props for training both me and Chris!

    Chris and I set new year's resolutions to eat better and exercise more. Like most new year's resolutions, we started to falter…especially when an exciting new puppy entered the family.

    But Paco isn't having it! Chris bought a new pair of running shoes with the new year, and hadn't used them ONCE until this week. The reason? Paco just couldn't stop doing the Basenji500 around our tiny apartment, and he kept nipping at Chris (he rarely nips, but he was obviously anxious) and Chris finally decided that it was time to hit the road.

    Now, Paco's just a pup, but Chris is a slow enough runner (shhhh...don't tell him I said that!) that Paco kept up fine. Now, he DEMANDS a run every afternoon when Chris gets home from work...and this morning he wanted one as well! He went outside to go to the bathroom, did his business, and then pulled with all his might towards the driveway to get out for a run. Chris fought it...then gave in! I never had that kind of power over him!

    It must be the cuteness.

    It's perfect, though, because we don't have dog parks or wide open spaces for luring or coursing or anything like that on this small island.

    As for me, since I found out that most healthy human food is fine for dogs, I have a new shopping list with less "crap" and more "real food." That's not the best part though. Paco joins me for my morning weigh-ins on my Wii Fit! If it gets past my normal weighing time, he'll start chewing on the board, as well...I think he's trying to pick it up and bring it to me, but it's a little too heavy. :p

    Needless to say, we may not have a choice in keeping our resolutions with a Basenji at home!

  • That is great! I am hoping to get Tupper to go biking with me once all the snow and salt is gone.

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